Some of My Favorite Resources

Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler

Story by Robert McKee

The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri

The Art of Creative Writing by Lajos Egri

Available in print from any bookstore, including Amazon. E-book is available at Amazon Kindle, ibook or NOOK.

LOVE SONG FOR HAITI A Memoir of Life with Street Boys

Against the backdrop of Haitian culture and civil unrest, a single mother and her 15-year-old daughter arrive in Haiti in 1993 just as political violence escalates. As Director of a non-profit organization, Charlotte hopes to find a new sense of purpose and restore her relationship with her daughter. Yet nothing unfolds as she expects.

In the city, lively street boys win her affection, but they have desperate needs. In caring for them, they come to depend on her, and she, in turn, comes to relish their banter and wit, forming a deep bond. When the paramilitary plans to assassinate them, Charlotte must choose between walking away or rescuing them at her own peril.

Meanwhile, in the countryside, spreading hunger derails economic programs, leading her to launch a massive food program for 3000 children and their mothers.

Throughout, Charlotte and her daughter share the turbulence and humor that accompany life in Haiti, and in so doing, re-discover that Love has obligating power.

An Unexpected Passion

"An Unexpected Passion" was conceived in Mexico City and based on true events. The opening of the story with the lady in white happened just as she wrote it.

The result of her experience in the Cathedral led her to ponder the question, "Can a random act of kindness cause a psychic change?"

Raul, a bank robber, answers that question in his own manner.

(Available as e-book on Amazon)


Rose O’Neill, independent-minded niece of the Irish Lord Hugh O’Neill, captures the attention of Viscount Jacques Chevalier de Blois at a dinner for Queen Elizabeth. Setting is England 1595.

Rose has been pledged against her will to Lord Castaway, a repulsive and dangerous Earl. Viscount Jacques vows to rescue Rose.

What ensues is a bawdy, suspenseful romp with an ensemble of plucky characters, historically accurate and entertaining.

Written for the 3-Day Novel Contest.

(Available as e-book on Amazon)


Originally conceived as a primer for acquainting island newcomers with Hawaiian fish, the choices soon expanded to include numerous favorites.

A special chapter on “Entertaining with Flair” encompasses a selection of wines paired with complete menus for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Charlotte is now working on a second edition.

(Although out of print, this paperback cookbook remains available through Amazon by title and author’s then last name of Wright.)